The First Steps To Planning A Successful Corporate Event

2016 was a whirlwind of a year for corporate events at our venues, and we're hoping to top it in 2017. Whether you're planning a small breakfast seminar or large year-end gala, corporate events are a great way to cement your brand in people's minds, generate leads and create long-term

Key Dates For Sydney Event Planners in 2017

Selecting a date is one of the first steps in the event planning process. To ensure you get the most out of your event and attendance is high, steer clear of dates that conflict with holiday periods and major community events. Plan ahead and lock in your venues and dates for 2017 using

Top Pick: Sydney's Best Cake Designers

A far cry from the traditional white slab, wedding cake design of late has become an adventure in creativity and originality. In 2016 we witnessed a small niche of Sydney's best cake designers serve up the most creative wedding cakes we have ever seen, helping our couples to represent their

Sydney’s Best Waterfront Wedding Venues

Planning the perfect wedding relies largely on finding the perfect venue. The three most important things to consider when selecting your venue are the size, the location and the overall ambience of the space. For many brides, waterfront venues are an attractive choice given the amazing photo opportunities they present

Sydney's Hottest Cocktail Catering Trends

As we look back over all the events hosted at our venues in 2016, it was a year filled with food stations, doughnut walls, superfoods, and artistic desserts. These days, clients are looking for food and beverage options that are creative, bespoke and ‘instagram-worthy’ – so what will 2017 look

How To Get People Sharing Your Event on Social Media

Experienced event planners know how much work goes into planning a successful event. Even once you have organised the venue, catering, presenters, suppliers, schedule and activities, there’s still one more detail you need to consider; social sharing. Photos make for a buzz-worthy event, but how do you drive people to share them on social media? It’s actually quite