Styling Services


Have an amazing bar in the room for your guests to gather and mingle during pre dinner drinks or throughout your event. Add so much character to the space. A leather studded bar, circular bar, glow bar!



A classic way to add sparkle, premium and black tie to your next event. Chandeliers will never date. If they add bling to your event then go for it. Photos are divine, guests are in awe and our venues suit them superbly. For the right event, Chandeliers really are to die for! Be brave and mix it up!



Whether you opt for a classic silk organza drape or black star cloth back drop as your stage set, so much can be achieved by the look you go for. You may wish to drape the space in its entirety, although dramatic, it serves a purpose for certain events. You may wish to have a drape reveal for a progressive event.

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Entertainment highlights any event. Whether it’s a photo booth, a great lead vocalist, to the wonderful heights of a swinging aerialist. It really comes down to the nature of your event. Once you sort out a theme, entertainment ideas will follow.



Florals can truly be the most breathtaking component of your event. What floral arrangements did you have in mind? Our stylists are tooled with so many ideas to suit all events.

Understanding that florals can be an expensive component to your styling needs, have a chat to our stylist to merge some of your concepts. Appealing the sense of sight and smell, your guests can be truly taken back by the art of nature that is a combination of flowers.



Whether your needs are big or small, our team of stylists has the expertise and knowledge to meet your furniture requirements. Lounge area, cocktail bars, cigar bars, furnishings can add that touch.



What better way to create atmosphere than through mood lighting. Still or coloured lighting, a room wash or pin spotting. How about some Letter Lighting to light up your event? Define your event styling with the magic of light!



Capture the attention of your guests with an amazing drawcard – your event invitation! Whilst the digital invitation has taken a lead, it’s so exciting to go to your letter box to find an event invitation awaiting you. From the texture, the seal, the packaging, all sets the mood for the style and formality of your event. Think outside the box!


Table Centrepieces

A table is only completed by its centerpiece. Rustic or dainty, floral or fauna, candles and flame, let your table centerpiece set the mood at your individual guest tables. Whether you’re aiming for long and low or some height, let our styling team highlight some central features.

A stunning table centerpiece has the power to transform an event. Share your dreams and trust us to make them a reality.


Table Decor

Table décor adds character and a finishing touch to your table. The table décor you select helps carry out your entire theme and provides a landscape of your event. Whether a light hearted touch, bold extravagance or a feeling of elegance for special occasions, let your table décor set the atmosphere for you event.

From small details to grand flourishes, let us exceed your expectations.