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    A begging of a journey that will tell your story.

    Being actively involved within the wedding photography industry for many years, our photographers remain unobtrusive. Our extensive experience along with our natural, candid and own personal style of photography enables them to capture the love, happiness and joyful moments by presenting you with stunning images. We love photography and love to share your happiness and that is when your journey begins and your search ends here with Fuss Photography.


    We take great pride in our industry-leading standards – we absolutely love working with people and beautiful photography. We pride ourselves on getting to know you and understand you as a couple, your journey and the vision of your wedding day. It’s a big part of getting those wonderful wedding photos. The whole experience of your wedding photography will be some of the best memories of your day. Having fun with your photographer is the way it should be which means you’re relaxed and natural in your photos, that’s what underlines our signature style.

    We provide couples with a range of classic and epic photos, often including dramatic backgrounds and interesting perspectives. In addition, there are always many natural unscripted moments for us to capture, real split-second emotions captured in a creative natural style that that will bring your memories to life.


    We are so blessed to be living our best life through photography every day. Our love of the lens has taken us all over the world. But after shooting for more than 18 years, we know that shooting real people, real moments and real love, is what we love the most.

    Our natural and candid coverage throughout the day is complemented by a modern and artistic approach to the location shoot, allowing us to also capture artistic and dramatic wow shots.

    If this is you, we’ve got you covered. Our couples tell us they love not only their photo’s, but their entire experience with us.

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    Weddings are not just days that we cherish in our memory. They are stories that we share. They are moments where family and friends experience joy with us. And most importantly, they are the soul, passion and heart of all the love between every couple that comes together.

    And that’s what we want to capture. Those moments in time that you can cherish forever. The moments of happiness that you can talk about with your children and grandchildren. That beautiful day you waited your whole life to experience with capturing in wedding photography.

    Here at Yazzen Photography, we have a number of specially trained wedding photographers who will spend your special day with you. Our business model is to provide you with your own photographer, unlimited for the day. Unlike other photographers who charge by the hour photography, our single flat fee ensures that you have nothing to worry about on your wedding – we know they can be a little stressful. Working with you to build a tailored and customized photo album our team looks for the artistic opportunity in every image. Maybe it’s the balancing of light and shadow. Maybe it’s the contrast of your white wedding dress among fields of flowers. Whatever it is, you tell us what you like, we help you with the pre-planning wedding and then our camera goes to work. Our photographers have a keen eye to spot anything that will work towards your brief that involves shapes, colors, surfaces and lines. Because we believe that every single one of your wedding photography should be treated like a piece of art in the museum. Something beautiful and to be admired.