Inlighten Photography is recognised amongst brides and the Wedding Industry as a trusted and highly talented Wedding Photography Studio. With more than 15 years experience shooting weddings all around the world, Inlighten off ers a personalised experience for your wedding photography, both before and after your wedding day. Your experience with us begins with meeting your Photographer. Our State of the Art studio allows you to view thousands of our images, as you start to visualise just how your wedding photos will look. Chatting with your Photographer about the details of your day ensures you form a personal connection.

    While the true essence of your day will shine through in your candid images, we also love to fuse that with our fresh, artistic approach. This results in amazing photographic art pieces that simply make you say ‘Wow.’

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    We pride ourselves on building relationships with you, our clients. This, in turn, enables us to capture your personality in an intimate yet unobstructive manner.

    Our images are a reflection of our skill, artistry and an uncanny eye for detail that only true professionals can provide.

    See you on your wedding day


    A Blumenthal image has a very unique look. Moments captured spontaneously which will be a valuable memory that is treasured forever. We appeal to people who are after natural images and don’t want to be placed in awkward cheesy poses. The result is stylish, real images with people looking their best. People always ask why our images look so different from any others.

    It takes many years of working with natural light and being sensitive to what’s happening on the other side of the camera to achieve consistently beautiful images time after time.

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    Paper Cranes is a multi-award-winning team of photographers and cinematographers specialising in creative storytelling. It all start ed back in 2008 through this one funny thing called ‘passion’. Ever since then, we have been telling real stories of like-minded people from many different backgrounds and cultures. Our passion has also allowed us to travel to amazing destinations around the world and meet a lot of new friends along the way. Today, we are honoured to serve couples who come to us after they experience the instant connections when viewing our work either online or at another wedding where we had our bespoke same day edit presentations.

    We are excited for what the future holds and we hope that you will be a part of our journey. Let’s embrace the immense possibilities of how your story can also inspire others and together we can make the world a better place… one story at a time.


    We take great pride in our industry-leading standards – we absolutely love working with people and beautiful photography. We pride ourselves on getting to know you and understand you as a couple, your journey and the vision of your wedding day. It’s a big part of getting those wonderful wedding photos. The whole experience of your wedding photography will be some of the best memories of your day. Having fun with your photographer is the way it should be which means you’re relaxed and natural in your photos, that’s what underlines our signature style.

    We provide couples with a range of classic and epic photos, often including dramatic backgrounds and interesting perspectives. In addition, there are always many natural unscripted moments for us to capture, real split second emotions captured in a creative natural style that that will bring your memories to life.