6 Biggest Seating Chart Mistakes Brides Make

For many couples, the seating chart can be one of the most difficult and stressful components of planning a wedding. The goal of a seating plan is to keep guests organised and get people chatting. For some families, there is definitely less to consider than with others. With 22 years experience as one of Sydney’s most prestigious wedding venue collections, we have witnessed hundreds of seating chart blunders over the years. Here are 6 of the most common seating chart mistakes brides make.

Seating Chart Mistakes

1. Using script fonts no one can read

Hand lettered seating charts are on trend right now, but if your guests can’t read it you’re defeating the purpose! You really want your chart to be easy to read to save confusion. One suggestion is to save script fonts for the headings and use a modern font for the names.

2. Ordering it by table number

The whole point of a seating chart is to take the guesswork out of things for your guests. Organising your chart in alphabetical order improves the flow. You don’t want your guests scanning through all the tables only to get to the last and realise they’ve missed it.

Seating Chart Mistakes

3. Making it too small

This mistake goes hand in hand with avoiding hard to read fonts. If your seating chart is too small you’ll cause a traffic jam where guests need to queue up and read it one by one. Ensure that the physical size of the chart, as well as the font size, is big enough to read from a short distance

4. Placing people where they won’t feel comfortable 

Modern families are complicated, so planning a seating chart that ensures every guest can relax and enjoy themselves can sometimes be difficult. If you know your parents or other guests don’t get on, consider separating them on different tables to avoid any issues.

Seating Chart Mistakes

5. Placing the seating chart somewhere it can easily be missed

Placing your seating chart anywhere but at your reception entrance is dangerous territory. You run the risk of your guests missing it, which causes chaos and confusion inside the venue as your guests scan for their names on all of the tables.

6. Having designated kids tables

Some weddings like the idea of having designated kids tables but it doesn’t work in all cases. Most young kids at formal events want to be close to their parents, and it’s likely their parents want to be close to them.


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